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We’ve all heard the horror stories of people paying coaches thousands of dollars upfront and then coming to realize how unresponsive and unhelpful the coach can be. That fear can be put to rest by hiring one of our IBCC coaches. We are raising the bar and are the first in the industry to require a terms of agreement to be signed between a client and coach. This means you know exactly what services you will receive and if these terms are not met, we’ve got your back!


Tested. Proven.

Know you are in capable hands with an IBCC certified coach. All our coaches have proven their mettle by passing the IBCC Exam so you can be confident that your coach knows exactly what it takes to guide you to your goals. Find a coach exactly to your preferences with our filters for location, reviews, and in- person or remote coaching!
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Train With A Pro
Train With A Local Pro
Online coaching not for you? Try Immersing yourself in a hands-on experience like no other. Work out with a local professional bodybuilder and learn by doing with the elite. All our Pros must hold an active professional status in one of the following organizations:
  • IFBB Pro League
  • OCB
  • WBFF
  • IFBB Elite Pro
  • And other equivalent professional organizations

Why be a bodybuilding coach?

Be Your Own Bodybuilding Boss

Be your own boss

Being a bodybuilding coach allows you the freedom to work for yourself. You are in total control of your schedule and your clients. There is no gym to answer to and no set hours to work!
Make More Money As A Bodybuilding Coach

More money for you

Most personal trainers employed by a gym only get a fraction of what a session costs. With IBCC being the facilitator, you keep 100% of the money you earn. Our revenue comes from a small service fee paid by the client for connecting the two of you.
Transfrom Bodybuilders Lives

Transform Lives

A bodybuilding coach is not just responsible for workouts. You are your clients point of contact for everything required to become a successful bodybuilder. This may also include diet and supplement regiments that lead them toward their goal. There is nothing more satisfying than watching your clients transform their bodies through of your guidance. Be the one to inspire others to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Who Is IBCC?

Expert Find certified bodybuillding coaches near you!

For those of us who have been in the industry, we understand that coaching bodybuilders for competition is a vastly different task than what is required of your average personal trainer. It is imperative that a coach is well read on many different areas from pharmacology to nutrition to training. The IBCC is the first comprehensive exam that covers all the knowledge needed to be a successful coach. It was meticulously researched and created to be the most up-to-date and science based test available