Roofing Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Bodybuilding coaches have a unique responsibility. They are responsible for not just training, but also nutrition, supplement guidance, and mental health. This exam covers not just kinesiology or nutrition but every aspect of bodybuilding including pharmacology and psychology so that our coaches know how to guide a client safely to their goal.
The IBCC tests multiple sections of what is crucial to being a successful bodybuilding coach. This includes Training, Nutrition, Pharmacology, Psychology, Supplement, and Ethics. There will be 15 –30 questions for each section.
The IBCC is by far the most comprehensive certification available. We have collaborated with pharmacists, psychiatrists, and doctors to create an exam with the most up to date and best practices. We will guide you through to the most.
If you are unable to get your passing score the first time you take the exam, if you schedule a retake immediately after, you will be able to get the retake at a 50% discount.
You must answer at least 72 of the 100 questions correctly.
Once your exam is over, if there are no flagged activities by your proctor, you will receive your certificate immediately.