About Us

About Us

The IBCC is a credentialing body that has created to add legitimacy to the title of “Bodybuilding Coach.” The purpose of IBCC is to offer distinction to show that a coach has the knowledge to guide their clients effectively and safely to their goals. It is an extremely comprehensive exam that covers an array of domains that are vital to every aspect of coaching. The IBCC is the solution to dangerous protocols and diets as any coach who is certified by the IBCC is can be confident in their preparedness and effectiveness as a bodybuilding coach.

Our Mission

  1. To create a minimum standard of knowledge that coaches must have to safely guide a client to their goals
  2. To protect coaches and clients by binding them to their agreements
  3. To give anyone worldwide access to a properly trained and knowledgeable coach
  4. To allow anyone the ability to train with a professional bodybuilder